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November 06, 2008

From: Chinacat

Subject: welcome back

Welcome back, from what ever rock you've been under. Wasn't November 4th one of the greatest moments in our nations history? You may want to crawl back under your rock, before you start to feel the wrath of the eight arduous years of hell we had to endure. All I have to say at this moment is, good-bye George---hello hope. Truly, welcome back. I look forward to jousting with you.


Great to hear from you! You are most surely our favorite left-leaning reader. I am sure if I met you, I would be enchanted. That being said …, November 4th was certainly a transitional day in American but only history will be able to determine its greatness (for good or ill). Though the Pavo News was never a big fan of President Bush, we will miss the halcyon days of the record high stock market, gas under $2.00 a gallon and an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent. Of course, that all ended two years ago when the democrats took control of Congress (and we see how well that went). Now that the democrats also control of the Whitehouse, we may all need a rock to crawl under.

When tyranny and destruction is visited upon America, it will be wrapped in hope and change.

The Editor

November 03, 2008

From: Robb


Hey Editor, Great to hear from you again. Can't wait to catch up with ya. Hope to do it soon.


Thank you. And unless the Obama 'truth squads' catch up with us, you will hear from me again.

The Editor

November 03, 2008

From: Sir Dylanus Pavonis

Subject: HI

Dear exalted editor, I'm sure you realised I discovered the new and revamped Pavo News yesterday, by pure coincidence.

I hope you received my feedback on the ... the next president of the United States of Obama!

Glad you rediscovered the Pavo News, so did I. I just needed a little hope and change to get my rear in gear. Welcome to Obama Nation (rhymes with abomination).

The Editor

November 03, 2008

From: Wayne


It's about damn time.


What can I say? You are totally correct, sir!

The Editor

November 03, 2008

From: Barb




If you mean to say "not expired", you are correct. I do however, have a knot that will not expire - the knot in my stomach as I watch this country dismantled before my very unbelieving eyes.

The Editor

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