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7 October 2004

Dear Mr. Editor Ron:

... I am not saying president Bush should have offered those types of compensation to North Korea. The people who tell Bush what to do are probably smart enough to figure out what to offer to North Korea.

Bush did rid us of the allies ... The ones that left when they found out there weren't any WMD.

... "Are 12 years too short to wait?" Obviously not for Bush. He couldn't wait to get into office to start this war to win back the honour his daddy lost.

The CIA weapons inspector says that there is no evidence of WMD ... that the relations between Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden were tenuous at best which blunted ... most of what Mr. Bush said
I did not say that to get the WMD was the sole reason we went to war. I meant it as the main reason for going to war.

I thought it was funny when Mr. Cheney remarked to Mr. Edwards about meeting him for the first time at this debate. I thought is was a funny witty remark. It is a shame that it was not true. Mr. Cheney looked uncomfortable about talking about subjects such as Haliburton. Hmmm I wonder why?

I didn't know WMD meant Whining Malcontented Democrats. I always thought it meant
W's (meaning Walker's)

In rebuttal to what you said about me voting for you, I would rather vote for your dog than for you. He is probably more qualified than you. You would end up doing as Bush did. ... when I said " Anyone is better than Bush." I meant that anyone who will not go to war before all the evidence is laid before him, have most of the burden of the war end up being on the US, and that wont admit when he is wrong about going to war.

Dylan (Future Democrat)
Age 13

P.S. Winston Churchill once said "There are no people in the world so slow to develop hostile feelings against a foreign country as the Americans and there are no people who, once estranged, are more difficult to win back." In the wake of 9/11 many Americans quickly developed hostile feelings about the Middle East. I think we should act more as we used to and not judge were people are from but who and how they are.
-Pavo Est Optimus


You will noticed I hacked-up your feedback response, sorry. I had to use my editorial prerogative in an effort to control the length of your feedback. This is not normal policy, but time and space are limited.

You overwhelm me with questions and broad general statements. I also recognize you fancy yourself as a 'future Democrat' therefore, "I feel your pain". It is understandable that you are confused and seeking the truth since your future party is in very short supply of truth and answers. In this critical election year, your future party has chosen a candidate with no comprehensive agenda and an abysmal 20 year record of being on the wrong side of every significant achievement attained by our great nation. Your spirit must be mired in a deep malaise.

Join me Dylan. Come to the right side, Luk … … I mean, Dylan. Embrace our Federalists doctrine. Let yourself be swept away in the spirit of the Republic. Bow down before the altar of democracy and baptize yourself in the blood shed for your Liberty. Join us now Dylan and become everything American!

"Hi, I am George Bush and I endorsed that last paragraph."

OK, enough of that. Dylan, I believe I've addressed all your concerns in various articles of The Pavo News, so I won't go on and on. I'll just say:

I liked your WMD acronym definition.

My dog (Jack) completely agrees with you. He says he would do a much better job and would probably locate Saddam's WMD's since he is a tenacious digger and loves the sand.

I thoroughly enjoyed your Churchill quote, old chap. I only hope our readers in France, Russia, Germany, China and the United Nations reflect upon its significance.

Yes, the better part of the burden is upon the US, but I find peace and understanding in the words of Tony Blair before the U.S. Congress when he explained: "the only answer is, because destiny put you in this place in history, in this moment in time, and the task is yours to do."

The Editor

Dear Pavo News:

RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT. Where shall I begin? Republicans, make such a big deal about, being on the RIGHT and for the RIGHT. They're RIGHT, all right. RIGHT out of their minds. They put us RIGHT into a nonsensical war.

presidential debate, Sept. 30. Bush, "of course we're after Saddam Hussein - I mean Bin Laden." He doesn't even know who he's after.

Bush, "But the best way to protect this homeland is to stay on the offense." Then why Mr.President, are we on the defense?

Republicans, stopped unemployment extendtions. putting hard working, out of luck American people, RIGHT at the poverty level.

Republicans, would like to give tax cuts, RIGHT into the wallets, of the wealthiest of us Americans.

Republicans, don't want stricter gun control laws, while in turn, puts weapons RIGHT into the hands of criminals and idiots, who don't lock their guns up. So their children, shoot their friends and or foes heads' off. Well, you know what, we all have a greater right; The right to bear arms, legs and our heads.

Republicans, would like to drill, dig cut and shred the environment. So, our NATURAL energies and resources, will be all RIGHT, for our future.

There is an ancient American Indian proverb:

Treat the Earth well; it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.
Health care issues, what health care issues? We're all buck strong healthy Americans. Aren't we? Except for our seniors. Who cares about them? Let's face it, how much time do they realistically have? They don't need prescription drugs from Canada, at a fraction of the cost. RIGHT?

Speaking of fractions, I would like to address, that fractional amount of Native American blood, that is coursing through you veins. A true Native American, would and should take offense to that statement.

I tell you what..........I do believe, you and yours, should gather and go smoke a peace pipe. Being peaceful, is a relative state of mind; it just all depends on what state of mind your in.
All things in the world are two. In our minds, we are two, good and evil.
With our eyes we see two things, things that are fair and things that are ugly...
We have the RIGHT hand that strikes and makes for evil,
and we have the left hand full of kindness near the heart.
One foot may lead to an evil way,
the other foot may lead us to a good.
So are all things two, all two.

- Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee

Think about it. Isn't it better to be correct, than be RIGHT. Last but not least, I just could never vote for a person,
who's I.Q., is lower than each one of my children's. Who are ages 13, 8 and 6.




"RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT. Where shall I begin?" Well if you continue on your present course of all rights, I reckon' you'll be going in circles and you'll begin where you end :-)

I can relate to that. I feel stuck in a liberal ‘spin' loop and my head is about to explode! Fortunately, I have my trusty roll of Glenn Beck Duct tape at the ready.

President Bush didn't "put us" in any war. The abhorrent, bloodthirsty Islamic zealots who slaughtered nearly 3,000 innocent civilians, LEFT us no choice. As far as the liberation of Iraq, that was an on-going war from 1991 and we were forced to close that chapter of Saddam's aggression. There is no question that we did the right thing, since we have now learned the United Nations LEFT out the fact that they were subsidizing Saddam's regime through the corrupt Oil-for-Food program.

The tax cuts were across the board, but yes, if you pay more you will receive more back (article).

I haven't made my mind up about the unemployment extensions, but after the first two were granted, the third extension proposal LEFT me wondering; why are there never enough workers at my local McDonald's? They can never seem to handle the ‘starving masses of American's' that flock to the drive-thru. ;-)

I am not going to touch the gun issue, I will be covering it in great detail after the election. I am always LEFT with more myth's to dispel.

One day we will smoke the council pipe and speak of the environment and Native American proverbs. That day will come when you have LEFT behind your Wasicu (white-man) ways. When the winds whisper the coming of the white buffalo calf, you will give up your electricity, abandon your fossil fuel burning automobiles, destroy your man made technologies, let your cultivated fields go fallow, tear-up your roads, tear down your buildings and surrender the land to ‘Waken Tanka' (the Great Father).

Why take offense to my statement? The words were not mine. They were the words of the Wasicu.

To be right, is to attain perfection.
To be correct, is a failure to be right.

All things are two. There is no left without the right. On the wheel of life, the left passes to the right and the right passes to the left, the circle is complete and we are one. ~ Ron Peacock 2004

The Editor
PS I am sure you already read the IQ article, but if not click here.

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