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July 03, 2005

From: Mary

Subject: F**k that

wars are happening couse of the f**king republicans ( bush ) i piss on the red , you don't want a better nation you want war and blood the color of blood and war ....i see the connection. Bush is only trying to finish what his daddy started i wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who crashed the plains into the twin towers ..infact i would bet that he did do it .....where was i ? oh yea f**k the are the ones that should be in war and sheding tears of fear

Mary (or whomever),

Mary, Mary you're so contentiously dreary
and your language it is so foul.
You haven't a clue, that's why you're so blue
man, it must suck to be you!

Mary, your fight is with the fundamental radical zealots of a tyrannical, medieval religion (Islam) that has traditionally sought domination at the point of a sword. Not expecting you to have any historical understanding of this or any other events, I can only say: "The only battle you will ever fight comes in monthly cycles and that is blood you will shed unwillingly. The only war you will ever know (thanks to men like myself) is the war you unsuccessfully wage against your hormones which, undoubtedly, has made you the discontented b*tch you must surely be! As much as it is an outrage, it is also an honor to know that I have defended your right to be the ignorant barking moonbat you have so evidently become."

FYI, we (the American soldiers) are the ones that have been to war (not any political party), we have overcome our fears, preserved your right to be an idiot and we still shed tears for those who have sacrificed so much for morons like you. "Sometimes it seems like such a friggin' waste!"

The Editor

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