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Letter to the Editor:

I find it ironic that you claim to love America in your rantings and ravings, and yet chide Mr. Baldwin in his right to free speech. Well, I guess we can add the editor's name next to John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge, and George (Jr) Bush as Americans that are trying to stifle many more of our freedoms that you try to take away.

shame on you!


Dear L.L.

   The Pavo News was deeply hurt by your characterization of our grassroots reporting as "rantings and ravings"! Hey, we're all for free speech, in fact we relish it. We would like to point out that at no time, in our July /August 2002 edition, did we "chide" Mr. Baldwins right of free speech, we simply pointed out that Mr. Baldwins statements are about as meaningful as an unenforced treaty with North Korea.
"Say what you want, but mean what you say! Now pack up your bags and leave the US of A!"

The Pavo News, however, will deny our involvement in the plot to "stifle many more of our freedoms". As much as we have tried to contact the administration, our calls were not returned. We're out of the loop, L.L., sorry..

"... read the pavo news and must say you are awesome. you should have taken the law classes at U.B. ..."

barb NY

Barb, you are sweet, however, had we pursued a degree in law chances are we would have become part of the socials ills plaguing this country.
"A chicken in every pot and a lawyer to erroneously litigate every losers flawed personal choices."

"Finally got around to reading your newsletter. Pretty good. Great minds think alike!"


Thank you, and we can only hope that you are a great mind and not the Beltway Sniper.

Every now and then it takes a true military mind to come up with a classic quote!

In a recent interview, General Norman Schwartzkopf was asked if he thought there was room for forgiveness toward the people who have harbored and abetted the terrorist who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on America.

His answer: "I believe that forgiving them is God's function. Our job is simply to arrange the meeting."

Mike, TX

Mike, thanks for the quote. We always appreciate pearls of wisdom from our true American heroes.
Checked out your web-site. Really enjoyed your articles. Looking forward to more of your writing,
your articles are "refreshing".
Susan-NY .
Glad to hear we can be "refreshing", we hope you will continue your readership. Welcome aboard!

Get of your couch, whether it be Tim Couch, your(wisely advised)shrink's couch
or your basement couch. Profile the D.C. sniper in a new news letter before he is
caught if you think you are qualified. I expect no reply since you are too busy
investigating value meal options at your local fast food joints. A true journalist is
busy informing his viewers of current events, not busy updating the new dollar
menu at micky d's. Where's the info DUDE. Does the word "job" mean anything
to "THE EDITOR". Please feel free to view a real editor's duties in the film "THE
JIMMY STEWART. Ya his real name is Marion. This guy drank, wrote and died
with the blood of ink.
Even "Mickey Rourke" in "BARFLY" showed promise as a writer. Can you call
yourself a writer or editor without sharing the few thoughts that remain intact.
Is it possible that you suffer from Alzheimer and forgot that you started an
info web site, or are you too busy at the drive up window to care about current
Reply if you're done with your xtra value king size menu. And don't get sauce
on the keys.

Kevin - MA

We hear you Kevin! We hope you enjoy the new issue of The Pavo News. You are correct, we have been spending too much time at our local fast food facility, but how else can we expect to join the class action lawsuit against the villainous purveyors of harmful hamburgers, if we are not a victim ourselves?

As for the D.C. sniper, the only speculation we can add is that this may be linked to the unsolved Anthrax attacks.

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