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October 13, 2004

Dear Pavo news:

I enjoyed your article on Dylan. That generation, put him in a God status. Now realizing, through his own words, what I knew all along. He was just 'The Man In Me'.




Glad you liked the Bob Dylan article, I was curious as to the nature of my readers' reaction. Dylan may not have been the "voice of a generation" as he was labeled by some; and he noted in his recently released book (Chronicles, Vol. 1), but he's certainly been an artistic inspiration and major influence on modern music. Even so, from a personal perspective, I can empathize with Bob, we all can. How often have our words and intents been misconstrued by those bent on processing information through their own biased needs?

Some may argue that Bob Dylan made a comfortable living off of those he now castigates, but in our heart of hearts, we must all acknowledge, the wealth he may have acquired can never replace the emptiness of living "Like a Complete Unknown".

The Editor

November 01, 2004

Bush is the ultimate loser,
Yet he pretends to be a christian.



I don't know about all that, but it seems to me George Bush has beaten some formidable opponents during his political career (i.e., Anne Richards D- TX, Al Gore D-TN and John F. Kerry D-MA). That being the case, I am left to conclude, either his opponents were incompetent, hapless boobs or Bush was 'Misunderestimated ' and is one of the most skillful, shrewd and brilliant politicians of our time.

With regard to the declared pretense of his Christianity, I will not judge, lest I be judged. When the final curtain falls, there is but only one that may stand in judgment concerning a person's worthiness to the faith.

The Editor

November 03, 2004

It's a sad day in America, when free thinking peoples voted in a president that helped Bin Laden escape. Giving him a two month warning, to hide, make contacts and be successfully on the run. Putting twenty-four of the Bin Ladens (friends, business associates of the Bush family) on planes (when all other flights around the country were canceled) so they would be safe from the American people. It wouldn't be a far stretch to think that the war in Iraq was preempted to take the focus off of Bin Laden or in other words to help a family friend. To pad the pockets of war profiteers, most of which are friends of Bush/Cheney. I'll go as far to say 9/11 is just what George Bush needed. Wouldn't it have made sense to hold the Bin Laden family in our country, to question them and put pressure on Osama, instead of helping him? Yup, I shaw dooo feel safer naw. It shows just how ignorant and uneducated, a large majority of Americans are. Unloosen your Bible belts from around your necks and get out and read. Suggested books are:

Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential, by James Moore.

The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception , by David Horn.
I'm sure your smiling in Ohio right now, Mr. Editor, while the rest of us have to live another four years though the eyes, hearts and minds of truly evil men.

"An honorable defeat is better than a dishonorable victory." - Millard Fillmore

"You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." - Abraham Lincoln

"Mankind must put and end to war or war will put and end to mankind."- J.F.K.

Hail to the war president,

Sincerely in mourning,


You inexorable she-devil! You're back on the attack again! Tis a blessing we are separated by the buffer of cyber-space, else your fury could descend upon us in the physical form.

Listen, "little china girl", me thinketh you have frequented the kool-aid cistern of Michael Moore-on one-too-many times. Read this article from CBS, dated September 30, 2001. Also, I have pointed out in the past, The Pavo News has a strong aversion to conspiracy theories. Even if you are correct, this is a place we dare not tread.

We hope you appreciate the fact that we have, in the spirit of fairness, provided links to your suggested reading.

And, our dearest Chinacat, rest assured in the knowledge that our smiles where broad and bright upon the official proclamation that John Kerry would not lead this country. Do not mistake this as an unbridled joy with a Bush win. The truth may surprise you.

I leave with this final thought and request: Could there be something Freudian in your choosing of a Millard Fillmore (onetime Presidential candidate for the 'Know Nothing Party') quote? And please remind me at some future date to tell the story of my visit to President Fillmore's grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery - Buffalo, NY.


"Bible belts" are not worn around the neck; they are worn around the heart.

The Editor
November 22, 2004

from: Contact Page


To whom it may concern:

I must say that your site is quite well written, however I disagree strongly with its content. Although you make no claims of non-partisinism, you also hate-monger, make blatantly ignorant, uninformed statements, and are simply promoting and prolonging the horrible divide running through our country. Though you may disagree with the liberals, you must admit that they too are Americans, with the same rights as you - and those include the rights to self determination and to make their views known. It is people like you with your closed-minds, ethno-centricism (and ego-centricism, for that matter), bigotry, and blissfull ignorance that are keeping America stuck in the same conflicts she has been for so very long.

Your words are beautiful - poetic even - however, they represent a sentiment that is so ugly: hate. Please open your heart and mind to other view points; I'd hate to see such talented writing go to waste on such hateful propaganda.

Thank you for your time.


Keeping in mind The Pavo News makes no claims of objectivity and we describe our publication as - 'A combination of thought provoking and sober editorials, with an occasional twist of humor', I'll admit that our occasionally whimsical rhetoric may be misconstrued. Also, I would ask you not to mistake our indignation, scorn or repudiation concerning serious matters as "hate-mongering"; after all, "you must admit that" we "too are Americans, with the same rights as" all - "and those include the rights to self determination and to make" our "views known".

When accusing us of "blatantly ignorant, uninformed statements", please include examples since our "ego-centricism [sic]" and "closed-minds" blind us to these possibilities.

As far as displaying "ethno-centricism [sic]"; I admit my personal guilt. I do evaluate other groups according to the values and standards of my own ethnic group, with the conviction that my own ethnic group is superior. Perhaps you are wondering to what ethnic group I belong? It is the only one I recognize - Humankind.

Finally, you must believe, your disagreement with our sites content is quite welcomed. The Pavo News not only endeavors to entertain those that share like opinions, we would like to encourage those of dissenting opinion to share their views via feedback, forum or their own written articles for publication in The Pavo News. We will not end "the horrible divide running through our country" until we leave the sanctuary and safety of our political counterparts and engage ourselves in the sometimes raucous discourse that was the foundation of this great nation. Together we can meet under a new 'Liberty Tree', united in the glorious promise we call America, yet, holding fast and defending our disparate perspectives. Let The Pavo News be one such place.

Anonymous, should you return and read this, I beseech you - "Please continue your readership and more importantly, continue this dialogue." Also, I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge the compliments you accorded my site and my writings. I am humbled and certainly unworthy of the praise, but I most sincerely thank you.

The Editor
October 2004

Hey Ron -

Funny stuff....keep up the good work. I enjoy it alot.....

Bill V
Norton, Class of '77
'Pavo est optimus"
Latin Class, "74"
Bill V,

Thank you; I needed your positive reinforcement. Following the receipt of the preceding feedback, I experienced great emotional stress. I was diagnosed with the, formerly unknown, PFUC (Post Feedback Unmitigated Confusion) syndrome. Your brief but welcomed words have been my cure.

Sir, I am in your debt and I shall endeavor to serve you and your fellow readers to the best of my ability!

The Editor

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