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"I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past."
-- Patrick Henry
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The Pavo News will outline Mr. Baldwins ties to domestic terrorism. Just another reason we hold this man in contempt.

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With the outright deceit, treachery and contempt the French have practiced recently against our nation; I could not help but to express my feelings to President Chirac.
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Butcher of Baghdad Busted

Ron Peacock
Tikrit, Iraq(PN)

saddam hussein ace of spades    Stick a fork in his rear and turn him over, HE'S DONE! Justice, President Bush and the 'Coalition of the Willing' have won a victory for the Iraqi people and the 300,000 (still counting) victims of Saddam (Butcher of Baghdad) Husseins' bloodthirsty reign of terror. The celebrations are in full swing throughout Iraq while the liberal left, peaceniks, ex-human shields (weren't they a joke), Tim Robbins and friends, Howard Deans' campaign strategists, Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist insurgents will be running for cover. Initial intelligence describes Saddam being retrieved from a hole located in a farmhouse basement in Ad Dwar, 15 miles from his hometown of Tikrit; quite fitting for the likes of Hussein. It brings me great delight to imagine Saddam scurrying like a rat in desperation and fear. No martyrs' death, no glorious last stand, just a wretched coward grasping for a nonexistent 'last straw'.

Let this be a lesson to all tyrants of the world; America will prevail!

A Free Iraq

Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

Iraqis tear down statue of Saddam in Baghdad    It began with a missile attack against Iraqi "targets of opportunity" and ended with the final ouster of the Socialist Baath Regime of Saddam (Butcher of Baghdad) Hussein. 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' proceeded with minimal lose of life, and remarkable speed. It is also significant to note, that the "coalition of the willing" acted with great restraint in an effort to spare Iraqi civilians. We can only imagine the potential destruction the coalition forces could have rained down upon the enemy had they not been led by just and compassionate commanders.
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The Way We Were
Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

"What will amaze me the most in the months and years to come, will be how quickly the lessons learned this week will fade from the conscience of the American populace. I am more than certain that once calm has been restored, the shock and anger has abated and the perpetrators punished, we will fall back into a state of apathy and denial. Should the past be any indicator, I will not be too far off base. Personally, I do not believe we possess the resolve to fight the type of battle that is needed to eradicate present, nor future, adversaries of this breed." - The Pavo News 09/14/2001

World Trade Center Hit    We have now marked the second anniversary of the depraved assault upon our great nation. Even with the lessons learned on 9-11 and all that has transpired since, we still have a large body of Americans that refuse to face the facts and accept reality. It must be understood, we are at war! We are at war with ALL terrorist and ANY nation(s) or leader(s) that support terrorism. This war is not of our choosing but we can choose how it will end. We must not return to the apathy, neglect and inaction of the nineties. We must not return to 'The way we where'.
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Merry Winter
(reprinted from last years edition)
Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

No Christmas    The secular-left continues the assault on Christmas once again this season. A number of schools have banned displays that include the words Christmas and any reference to the Christian theme of the holiday, students are not allowed to distribute Christmas cards, plays such as 'A Christmas Carol' have been canceled because they may insult the sensitivities of certain minority groups and Christmas vacation is now winter break. Full Story

The opposite of right is

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I sat in a movie theater watching "Schindler's List" and asked myself, "Why
didn't the Jews fight back?"

Now I know why.

I sat in a movie theater, watching "Pearl Harbor" and asked myself, "Why
weren't we prepared?"

Now I know why.

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