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Baldwin watch

alec baldwinAt a recent Minnesota Democratic-Farm-Labor Party fund raiser, Mr. Baldwin was greeted by the now familiar round of boo's. It seems a number of dairy farmers are not pleased with Baldwin's long standing ties to PETA and the group's campaign to outlaw milk production. Once again Baldwin demonstrates his uncanny ability to have his fingers on the pulse of America. Now that the republicans control Congress and the Whitehouse, we are hoping that Alec will finally keep his promise and leave the US.
Full Story

A Royal Bush

MyFamily.com Researchers have traced the Bush ancestry back to a 15th century English squire, Henry Spencer, who lived between 1420 and 1478. Distant relatives of the Bush clan include Winston Churchill and Princess Diane. Full Story

November / December

Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

united nations flag    With the resumption of the UN inspections, the end-game begins for Saddam Hussein. After 10 years, 16 UN resolutions and the refusal to comply with required inspections, Iraq faces a Whitehouse intent on enforcing the United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs). If not for President Bush, Iraq would have been left unmolested to continue on its path of treachery. Full Story

Lethal 'Happy Meals'
Ron Peacock
New York(PN)

Happy Meal     Recently, the Bronx Supreme Court dismissed the case of Caesar Barber, the pathetically plump porker, who brought suit against McDonald's and three other fast food chains earlier this year (see our July / August edition). Unwilling to concede the lack of merit for this line of litigation, Barber's lawyer, Samuel Hirsch and George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf, have ordered up a new plate of absurdity. The avaricious barristers have taken the case of two New York teenagers claiming McDonald's responsibility for their pudgy profiles. The lawyers (read: shysters), are hoping to find a Court more sympathetic to the children's plight than that of Mr. Barber's. "We feel that the advertising strategies [of quick-service chains] target young children," said Samuel Hirsch, "Toy promotions and Happy Meals are a lethal combination." he added. During our investigation, the Pavo News has found a far more lethal combination. Law schools that breed these contemptuous counselors, a court system willing to prosecute these frivolous cases, witless jurors willing to award these pathetic plaintiffs, the loathsome litigants and the abhorrent attorneys using kids as their new pawns to try to get their multimillion-dollar payday in court. What ever happened to good old ambulance chasing?

Merry Winter
Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

No Christmas    The secular-left continues the assault on Christmas once again this season. A number of schools have banned displays that include the words Christmas and any reference to the Christian theme of the holiday, students are not allowed to distribute Christmas cards, plays such as 'A Christmas Carol' have been canceled because they may insult the sensitivities of certain minority groups and Christmas vacation is now winter break. Full Story

The opposite of right is

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Sorry Jake, our Mistake!

daschle revealed The Pavo News would like to rectify what we feel was an unintended injustice. We refer to our July - August edition article titled, 'Daschle Supporter found in SD'. The article featured Jake, an unemployed actor of limited fame, whom we found to be the only Tom Daschle supporter along our route, earlier this year, through South Dakota. Full Story

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