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"Islamist terrorists mean exactly what they say: to them America is the font of all evil, the “head of the snake,” and it must be converted or destroyed."

"It is not a position with which Americans can bargain or negotiate. With it there is no common ground—not even respect for life—on which to begin a dialogue. It can only be destroyed or utterly isolated."
--The 9/11 Commision Report

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November 01 , 2004

Editor's Last Word
'You Make the Choice'

Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH (PN)

The Editor - The Pavo News    Tomorrow's election, in my belief, will be a historic demarcation point for the future of American security and self-determination. Over three years ago, the Islamic antagonists forced us to abandon the secure confines of this "shinning city on the hill". We marched forth from the fields of Pennsylvania, the halls of the Pentagon and the burning, broken remains our great city, New York. We engaged our enemies on the field of battle and leveled upon him a just and righteous might like none other the world has seen. Our enemies crumbled and fled before the sharpened sword of American resolve. Their destiny was the death of cowards, they wept and ran when faced with more than innocent unarmed civilians and sought shelter in their caves like the bat fleeing the coming dawn.
Full Story

'Bin Laden on Message with
Democrats and Liberals'

Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

Osama Bin Laden Adress to AmericaIf you are a Democrat or a Liberal you cannot take much comfort in the content of the recently released video tape from Osama Bin Laden. It seems Bin Laden has been busy acquiring talking points from the DNC or perhaps, it is the reverse! Either way, there seems to be a collaboration of philosophy between Bin Laden, John Kerry, the DNC, George Soros and Democratic false-umentary producer, Michael Moore-on.
Full Story

Breaking News: Bin Laden throws support behind Kerry - Video was mistranslated by American Media. Bin Laden threatens any US States that vote for Bush and offers guarantee of security for States that vote for Sen. Kerry. Mainstream media deliberately not reporting proper translation in a bid to save Kerry campaign. Articles can be found here and here. Full transcript of Bin Laden tape.

'The New Soldier'
and more

Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH(PN)

click to download 'The New Soldier'    If you would like to read or are having problems locating John Kerry's disgraceful 1971 book, 'The New Soldier', The Pavo News can help. We have a PDF version of the 107 page book that can be downloaded here. For Vet's, this is a must read. You must have Adobe Reader in order to view this PDF document.

You can also read Kerry's 1971 testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations here. If you are interested, you can visit the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth website and read what Kerry's fellow officers think about his "fitness for command".

'Under a Blood Red Moon'
Pig's Fly and Hell Freezes

Ron Peacock
St. Louis, MO (PN)

Red Sox win!  The Curse Ends!    The evening of October 27th 2004 was like no other in recent memory. The city of St. Louis, nestled on the banks of the meandering Missouri river, was for some, a pressure-cooker of despair and for others a caldron of pent up euphoria. This night, extraordinary forces where at play in the universe. Above this small inconsequential meeting place in relation to the vast cosmos, the gods gathered and marked their presence by cloaking the moon in an eerie blood red. Two teams would assemble on the field of play, destiny would be changed forever and many the ghost of long ago would be put to rest.

Some time after 11:30pm EST there were multiple reports that Madeline Albright, Janet Reno and Monica Lewinsky were observed flying above the Missouri skies. Upon closer inspection, it was learned the flying culprits were in fact, pigs (an easy mistake we might add). It was also reported that Massachusetts Senator and Presidential hopeful, John Kerry called his lead campaign manager, deep in the netherworld and learned, indeed, hell had frozen over. The curse of the Bambino was broken and the Boston Red Sox took their rightful place as baseball's world champions!

The Red Sox Nation reigns supreme!

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Possible Saddam-Al Qaeda Link Seen in
U.N. Oil-for-Food Program

September 17, 2004
By Claudia Rosett and George Russell

LUGANO, Switzerland — Did Saddam Hussein use any of his ill-gotten billions filched from the United Nations Oil-for-Food program to help fund Al Qaeda?

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