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Baldwin watch

alec baldwinIs there anything spoken from the mouths of liberals that we can take as fact? Apparently not! It has come to our attention that the pompous windbag (and a bit plump) Alec Baldwin still resides in the USA. Do us a favor Mr. Baldwin; take advantage of this countries freedom of choice and get the hell out like you promised you would. Say what you believe and act upon it with conviction or is that too much to ask from the left wing?

July /August 2002
Ron Peacock
Wooster, OH (PN)

     A great deal of time has past since our last publication and the Pavo News has been on the move. Between June 9th and July 9th we have had the opportunity and pleasure to embark on a grand excursion of this beautiful land we call America. The majesty and the harshness of this land is, at times, breathtaking and daunting. I came away with a deeper respect for the men and women who overcame the harsh and brutal challenges presented them in order to forge what we take so easily for granted. Everything we should be, or more correctly should strive to be, lies in the spirit of those souls so long passed. The history of this country is not without imperfection, but, it is not so much where you have been as it is where you are going and what you will have to offer. My friends, America is not perfect, yet it has risen above all other nations in it's quest to overcome any weaknesses or faults it has duly recognized.

     In America's short 226 years we have brought to this world a social and political system unrivaled since the beginnings of man. We are the enlightenment, we are the renaissance, we are the hope of the world! It is time to look inward of ourselves, take stock of what we set out to be, check our bearings and redirect ourselves to the true path. What this great nation has to offer is surely more than most are ready to accept, so be it! Still, we must touch the torch of freedom to every corner of this world, never relent and remember the courage, insight and fortitude that marked those that came before us.

     This is a great land, our American! We have overcome a great deal to be what and who we are and we must overcome a great deal to remain who and what we should be. We must take back the America we can be from those who would readily dilute our great revolution and send us into a downward spiral with fallacious agendas such as globalism. We came to this land as refugees, but now, we stand as a refuge and the spirit that brought us here still lives on. I have seen it, but only together can we preserve it. There is an unseen greatness in America, so get off your couch, throw away your passport, abandon your typical tourist destinations and visit your America! It stands before you and awaits your exploration and learning.

Value Meal
Ron Peacock
New York, NY (PN)

value meal     Could we not assume that once the Surgeon General announced obesity was becoming the second largest killer of Americans, that lawsuits where soon to follow? An article from Investor's Business Daily seems to confirm the fact. It appears that some couch potatoes are looking for a new value meal. Nudging their snouts into the trough of ludicrous litigation, these stout stinkers find no personal responsibility for their gluttonous grazing along fast food row. Indeed, these massive morons had no idea their fast food habit was unhealthy. Here's a hint heavy: It doesn't help to order a Diet Coke with that Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese supersized value meal!

The opposite of right is

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Daschle Supporter

Found in SD

jackass photo by Ronald E. Peacock Jr.

   The Pavo News took to the road for the past 4 weeks. Our adventure brought us to South Dakota. After an extensive search we were able to locate, what seemed to be, the only Tom Daschle supporter along our route.
   Jake, an unemployed democrat actor living off the goodwill of others, was reluctant to be interviewed. In true Democratic form, Jake merely brayed on and on in what has become typical liberal fashion. Our conclusion? Now we can say for sure that there is more than one jackass from South Dakota.


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