Welcome to the Pavo News Brief.   How are you good reader?   I would like to take the time and personally thank you for allowing me to intrude, ever so slightly, into your, cyber- universe.   In the coming days, weeks, months, and yes, perhaps years, I will grant you, the reader, a birds eye view (pun intended) into all the crazy, wacky, wild, and sometimes sickeningly sad events of my life.   What better way to idle away your leisurely time.   In the safety of your living room or dare I say bathroom, you can live vicariously and safely through the events that befall me.   Ah! The joy of it.   We will cover such topics as: My week end on the Lake, The progress of my garden, Why we hate the Yankees but love the Red Sox, Proper pronunciation of Chowdahees (Boston talk to those dummies who didn't get that), My opinion on everything (and I do have one!), How to become poor quick-my way, Republican adrift in a sea of Democratic demagogues, How to live 365 days a year on Ramen noodles alone, and so much more.

     Now that I have your complete and undivided attention let me give you the best news of all.

    It's all free, yes absolutely, totally free!!!!!!
You only need a computer and an E-Mail address known to me.   And here's the clincher.   There is no need to subscribe, therefore you cannot cancel your subscription, it's all automatic.   If you know me you will receive THE PAVO NEWS for the rest of your miserable existence on this rock we call Earth. (oops! Sounds like one of my editorials.   Lets call it a preview.   I hope I didn't offend anyone (Marilyn B.))   Until my next publishing let me wish you the best and I know you will be waiting the next arrival of The Pavo News in baited anticipation.

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