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A Day of Tragedy, a Day of Death, a Day of Sorrow ... .

Tower Hit
View from Brooklyn Bridge, New York


   Ron Peacock
   Wooster, OH (PN)

   These last three days have proved to be nothing less than amazing. Yes, I said amazing! How, you ask, can any sane person find amazement in the wake of so much horror and destruction? Has the beloved publisher of the Pavo News finally toppled over the brink of his own, already questioned, sanity? Surely he is so wrought with anguish that he is beside himself, you say. Make no mistake, my friends, I have complete control of my senses, at least as well as I have ever been able to sustain them. Just as were you, I was shocked, appalled and overwhelmed upon hearing the initial reports of this cowardly deed. The images coming across the Networks and Internet where just too unthinkable to digest. Was I really watching the World Trade Center, the twin pillars of Manhattan, crumble to the ground? Where these images of my America, today, or reruns of some bad 70's disaster flick? If only the later were the reality! I cannot describe how I felt, and I am sure many Americans will find those initial hours difficult to define. I now, truly, understand the meaning of  "a hollow feeling in my gut". Three days have passed since those treacherous hours and I have run through a labyrinth of emotions. I now stand at a place called amazement. Let me endeavor to explain.

    First, I am amazed at the number of denizens of this great land, who cannot comprehend the fact that a foreign (or domestic) entity would consider, much less, attack the citizenry of this country on our own soil. Perhaps they have been away to another planet and missed the past five decades or so. It isn't yesterdays news; freedom and democracy have always had their detractors and foes. The United States is the symbol and the righteous bearer of the torch of liberty, so, is it that much of a stretch to have supposed that the sword would one-day fall upon our heads? I think, and have thought, not. And in light of our past administrations foreign policy debacles (Rwanda, Bosnia, Serbia, Haiti, etc., ), defense cutbacks (CIA, NSA, Military installations, training, R&D, ... , ), lack of diligence in the pursuit and apprehension of our proven enemies (i.e., Osama Bin Laden), willingness to trade nuclear technology with suspect countries (China) and many other considerations not mentioned here, can we really have believed that this was not observed and perceived as a great weakness and an opportune time for our enemies to strike? Someone has and someone did.

   I also find it amazing that people are, just now, bringing into question the security measures practiced in this country. Anyone who has had the opportunity to travel abroad should recognize that we have fallen far short of the procedures followed in many other nations. It can be no surprise that we have become such easy prey. It is amazing that it takes tragedy of this magnitude to pry open our eyes so that we may see what many have warned us in the past. Amazingly, we have not learned from prior misfortunes that have befallen ourselves or others. We have lived in a vacuum, somehow believing we are protected by the shear fact that we are Americans, as if some invisible barrier shields our shores from the atrocities of this world. I am astonished that after world wars, cold wars and undeclared wars, it looks as if we where humbled by a single man with a towel on his head. I am astounded to hear the voices of a few make claim that this is evidence that we should make more effort at negotiation and compromise for the sake of peace, rather than defend ideals and principles. Do the words Nevile Chamberlain, Nazi Germany and the policy of appeasement have any meaning when used in context? We have spent more than our fair share of time around the council fires smoking the pipe of peace while our enemies grow more resourceful and strong and plot our demise. The times of talk have ended, the time of action must begin!

   What will amaze me the most in the months and years to come, will be how quickly the lessons learned this week will fade from the conscience of the American populace. I am more than certain that once calm has been restored, the shock and anger has abated and the perpetrators punished, we will fall back into a state of apathy and denial. Should the past be any indicator, I will not be too far off base. Personally, I do not believe we possess the resolve to fight the type of battle that is needed to eradicate present, nor future, adversaries of this breed. A new boundary has been crossed, there is no turning back.

   Only justice and retribution are acceptable avenues of pursuit. We must follow through on our declaration of war against terrorism. This is to include all those that practice this gutless means of waging war, not just the parties that are directly responsible for this barbaric act against our great nation. Just as President Bush indicated, anyone or any country that harbors or gives aid to these madmen, should be just as accountable as the madmen themselves. We must take the war to the enemy, and all those who support him. We must make them expend a price they will be unwilling to pay ever again.

Simply amazing!

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